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Pioneer Biotech Valley combines medical resources with superior resources through R&D and scientific and technological achievements. The Valley provides comprehensive services, investment incubator for high-end business of production and, education and research services. We aim to construct an ecological environmentand health services platform. In addition,  we provide high-end commercial supporting service system.

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Pioneer Biotech Valley combines medical resources with superior resources through R&D and scientific and technological achieveme...

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Medical Innovation
Pioneer Biotech Valley combines medical resources with social superior resources through R&D and scientific and technological ac...

Property Services: we provide office space, production workshops, maintenance, power supply and heating, security and cleaning, garden landscape, restaurant and accommodation and other star-rated attentive service.  Property management services include property management services of the technology park,  planning and consultation of enterprises’ office and production, supervision and management of construction procesess, operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities, asset custody services, etc.

Admission Process:one-stop entry service for enterprise admission consultation, application, formalities, etc., simple and swift.

Valley Policy: connecting resources from governments, universities, institutions, and hospitals to provide various preferential support policies and industry resources for enterprises in the park.

Public Technology Platform:technical services, sterilization services, supply chain services, training services, incubation space.

Industry Services:technology funding, talent funding, registration, industry alliance.

Investment Funds: joint social capital, venture capital funds by the government, establishment of industrial incubation funds, venture capital funds, and support for the development of high-growth projects.
Cooperative Investment Institutions: Lepu Medical, PW Medtech and dozens of investment institutions have cooperated in depth to track and promote enterprise growth and business startup developments.



  • Pioneer Biotech Valley is invested and constructed by PW Medtech Group Co., Ltd. It gives priority to three types of medical device companies and focuses on the vertical fields of key technologies in the global medical industry.. Relying on the advantages of Pinggu District policies and region, we will build a high-end...
  • Warmly welcome Beijing Fert sales elite to visit home
  • In this press conference called "Artificial Intelligence to Help ECG", experts from the field of cardiovascular disease and electrocardiogram, doctors in primary hospitals, medical and financial journalists, and partners are paying attention to this application in artificial intelligence medical system for automatic an...
  • Beijing Tianxinfu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Tianxinfu”), which operates regenerative medical biomaterials under the PW Medtech Group, participated in the 2017 Beijing Tiantan International Neurology Surgical Summit and 2017 World Meningioma Congress at the Beijing National Conve...